Friday, September 30, 2011

Are Buddhists Atheistic?

Some people believe that an atheist or agnostic has no reason to want to be a good person or perform charitable acts of compassion towards others. Here is a shocker for those of you who don't understand. Most Buddhists, even though some are quite religious, are atheistic. They don't have to pray to a god or deity. Some, like myself, are monotheistic. If there is something that is labled by some to be God, it is in everything. It is in the world we live in, the plants, animals, water, wind, fire, rocks, and minerals. It is part of the way the Universe works and I think man has only scratched the surface on understanding the true meaning but we are somehow able, if we try, to feel it. In the awsomeness of nature, in the wonders and miraculous visions in the cosmos, in the fact that we, as an animal on this planet have life, but are physically comprised of the same components as the earth, water, minerals, and plants around us. Evolution works like this, what works in nature survives and what doesn't dies. So, when after nature tries to make something happen through evolving creatures, environments, or adaptation to either of those, something survives, it is like the fortune teller that makes predictions and sends hundreds out to everyone. The only ones we hear about are the ones that came true. Because of that it seems that everything is designed by a thinking creature and many have adapted the stories and descriptions of that deity to be many things. Things like the fact that there are millions of herbs and minerals out there for us to use that, once we understand how to use them will keep us alive longer and allow us to survive in this world. Plants we can eat, etc. that we are sure were given for us to try. We choose to forget about the ones that people poisoned themselves with. Besides, dead men don't usually pass around recipes they discovered.
So, when we realize that the plants and trees intake carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen and animals intake oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide it seems too perfect to be an accident. Man decided that the plants and other animals were put here to help him survive. Perhaps we were put here to help them survive. And perhaps since this is the only way that it worked, during the earth's ages before of things developing and trying to sustain life, and so it seems like someone planned it. Man is born with an instinct to know why things happen. Sometimes things just are - so he has to find a reason and if nothing else, supplant one that makes sense to him when he thinks it is necessary. I believe there is a connection, a force, an energy, something that connects us all. I feel my connection with it through me, internally. I don't pray to something out there, what one of my friends calls "the spook in the sky" that so many people create in their own minds to be the cosmic Santa Clause that brings you what you ask for, IF you use the right words to ask.

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