Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The More I Chant

The more I chant, meditate, or focus on something in my life or life in general, the more clear my life becomes. I somehow reach plateaus and for some reason it seems I freeze and let things get built up to a head. I can't do that anymore and my focus can only work if it is constant. I am not telling anyone what THEY need to do, but it works for me. I am going to do a little promotion here of some of the videos from YouTube that will allow me to show you what I understand but let someone else put it into their words.

First, Tina Turner:

Larry went to high school with her?

Now, Richard Gere:

Now, the Vietnam War Peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh :

Don't You Love This Guy?

Why aren't more of our world leaders this smart? This man speaks several different languages. He is the "Buddha of Compassion" who loves all people. It shows in his nature. He is happy and laughing despite all the stuff that happened to him.

I grew up here in the United States and one of the things I had to "un-learn" was my Christian background which teaches you how to judge, conceive, and look at everything. This man undoes all my past views about who Buddhists and also Asians are. I am grateful to be able to learn this all now. I would have loved it more sooner but I didn't know I needed it.
He is so honest about the magic of the spirit. I think his idea about global responsibility is something we should all demand from the people who gain the highest level of monetary gain. Philanthropy used to be a virtue, now it is a rarity and usually only done for public relations moves. That is so unfortunate.