Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Hidden Messages In the Movie Avatar

The Hidden Messages In the Movie Avatar

I wonder when people post things on the internet bulletin boards and blogs if they ever read it first or if they just spell check it on the blog page and then approve and send. Most of them don't even seem to spell check. Some people obviously write things that take a few minutes instead of thinking about their selection and then just post it. I am learning alot through any new experience that relates to my life. Last night I went to see the movie "Avatar" for the second time. I have read alot about other people's feelings towards it but my experience with the Jains made me realise that they actually feel that way and I am sure that many relgions would like their members not to watch this movie, but I realised in watching it that I was told the same thing by the Jains.

When, in the movie, the Navi walked upon the ground, rocks, trees, etc. and that portion of the surface lit up I remembered our guide at the Jain Center saying that when you walk you kill things. They respect nature so much that they try to not harm any of it AND in all Buddhist, Hindu, Siek and several other Eastern Oriental Religions they believe that every person, animal, every speck of dust is connected. If you start to understand that THOSE PEOPLE make up the majority of the world, then Americans, especially Christian Americans who think ignorance of the world around them is bliss, are completely delusional and it isn't any wonder that the rest consider them the epitomy of selfish, self-centered, uncaring lames.

I am picturing military minded socially retarded egomaniacs like the Colonel in the story and Corporate evil entity of a selfish person. I am not one of those who tries to rationalize that a corporation is a person. That is like saying a cactus is a cactus needle.

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