Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nichiren Buddhism

I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist. I used to think this was a big jump from other forms of Buddhism and questioned things like the difference between chanting and meditation/ reaching the holy grail of Buddhism - Nirvana / enlightenment as a bi-product. I have come to discover that I was listening to members who were just learning themselves. The problem for me is that I am thoughtful and when being told, "Be Skeptical it will lead you to having faith", I couldn't help notice that the people I asked about this seemed to be real sketchy with answers. They said to be skeptical but when I was they looked at me like I was stupid and then didn't understand my questions from THEIR BOOK. I was told that the reason I was so inquisitive is that I read a lot. The problem is that every book has words that make me wonder the definition. Some people don't read so they just practice. The idea of meditation or chanting is to empower yourself to become more of what enlightened persons are supposed to be. Enlightenment recently became clear as I read what an extremely intelligent Bodhisattva named Shin Yatomi said. "...Enlightenment is the realization of life's supreme potential, and delusion it's negation. The true benefit of our Buddhist practice lies in our consistent efforts to nurture enlightenment and stem delusion." Pretty simple. I don't necessarily need to practice in a certain way, as long as my intentions are good. Not understanding the essential practice for what it represents is wrong. If I am treating chanting or my Gohonzon (object of devotion that I chant before) as if it were the Santa Clause in the sky that I am begging for things from instead of using my chant to pump up my inner conviction and fight against the three poisons, greed, anger, and foolishness, then I am doing something for selfish reasons and following an impure teaching. If I had not read and understood that to begin with, I might be following delusion.

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